Teaching is a very important profession that shapes the character, caliber and future of an individual. We believe “The reason teachers are awarded among all the jobs around because it is one of noblest profession and one of the most difficult to be a GOOD TEACHER.” Teachers are some of the hardest workers. Not only they have to meet the needs but have to accommodate the learning styles of thirty plus students an hour. There are multitude of other task also. As they care like mother, they spend time with children than most of their parents do. Their job is to teach but many times they go beyond their duty by exceeding their role as a counselor, psychologist, cheer leaders, life coaches and much more.

Their efforts converts the child’s answer from “ I Can’t” to “I can!”

Their moral mission is to help the child and support him to get off from all the hurdles. During our journey of THE OPEN PAGE, we came across many such excellent work carried out by educators in various aspects of the education. These innovators who were working to improve the quality selflessly were not being recognized and encouraged.

In 2014-15, five years back the 1st edition of educator’s award was announced and organized in Ahmedabad. The second award in 2015-16 was organized in Rajkot , third award in 2016-17 was in Surat, fourth award in 2017-18 in Vadodara and in 2018-19 the award function was held in Mehsana.

Aim: To recognize and rejuvenate the noble profession of educators.


  • To recognize and felicitate the teaching profession.
  • To motivate individuals /organizations/Institutions.
  • To create a better citizens through education.

Being the need of the hour, we began with the noble deed of felicitating this profession. THE OPEN PAGE has organized the award function in five major cities of Gujarat in turns and each city has a host school which took up the responsibility of organizing the event in their premises. This is an opportunity to promote and recognize the importance of educators in the future.

This year the Host School for the award is Kameshwar International School, a well-known education organization of Gandhinagar.

Idea behind the rotation is to make the award popular and invite more and more educators to get nominated and show case their work.The award function will be held in the month of January.

“May the seeds you plant today be the flower that blooms tomorrow”.

  • "Recognition in preprimary education I never thought off, my whole life I have worked with the kindergarten children and it is the field which builds foundation and prepares for the transition for primary education, am thankful to The Open Page Educators Award and congratulate them for the good work done."
    Ms. Sushma Patel
    Pre-Primary Educator Award Winner
  • "I teach in a very small school and prepare my own syllabus to teach the school children and today my efforts have received the recognition only because of The Open Page Educators Award. I am also thankful to the whole team who guided me how to apply for the award."
    Ms. Nikita Vyas
    Elementary Educator Award Winner
  • "I am travelling all the way to Patan and am pleased and proud to receive the award for Principal Category, this is surely a motivating one, also I came to know about The Open Page the news paper for School Students and now I will be sending write ups for the paper, too. I congratulate the team for the event executed so well."
    Dr. Lakshman bhai Chaudhari
    Principal High Secondary School
  • "I feel humble and equally honored to receive the award, and I congratulate The Open Page Educators Award team to give special recognition to each education vertical, this is surely motivating and inspiring to work more. Thank you so much."
    Dr. Griva Shah
    Special Education Educator Award
  • "Initially I felt little surprised to know that a parent can receive the recognition as educator as what we do for our children are our duties, but The Open Page Educator has made me and my daughter felt special and blessed."
    Mr. Tikendra Raval
    Parent Educator Award
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